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kishan's Voice: My Social Media Case Study @ Peter England !

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Social Media Case Study @ Peter England !

I never had my personal stuff on my blogs, but today I would like to share a personnel experience of mine. It goes around social media, branding and customer support and what not!
So all these days I've been listening about social media its buzz, the importance, the mileage it can bring to brands. Suddenly I get to understand what social media can do for me, with a personal experience, so let’s start!
Few days back (15th May, 2012), I was shopping at a Peter England store at himayat nagar, Hyderabad. After I made up my mind, for a cool blue shirt and walked straight to the billing counter, the guy at the counter asked me “cash or card Sir “ it’s by card I replied. The store keeper took my card swiped it and said there was a problem with the connectivity and asked me if I can pay cash, well I walked all the way to a ATM nearby, and paid the bill, 849 it is.
Later the day I was surprised to see, a late alert on my mobile showing a shopping transaction. So I called him back and he replied asking me to consider his mistake and want me to compensate the mistake by buying another shirt at the same price (frustration at peeks) & later on conveyed that he would return my money back if someone makes an equivalent bill of 849 (this is mad stuff). Eventually I made up my mind to wait for the deal, but there after it’s the social media magic!
Social media the saviour (Thanks to Twitter)
Well unconsciously I wrote this issue on Peter England’s brand page on Twitter and the brand replied me with a sorry, a promise to look into the issue and conclude this as soon as they can. Later on requested for the store details and my mobile number for which I did the expected. Then just after one hour from my tweet I received a call from the store asking me to collect my money (with a polite voice). Believe me, it just happened in no time. Yuppie there ends the drama, I'm happy with my money back.
I really loved the way Peter England cares for its customers, superb.
Conversation on twitter.
Not just Peter England many brands were talking to the target audience on twitter, I had similar conversations with brands recently. Chocolate Room a local chocolate recipe’s provider had retweeted and replied to my tweets, here the chocolate is the common interest for both of us. It’s awesome experience to see brands talking to you.
Now let me sum up my experience with how social media can help brands manage their online image & customers are at comfort of it.
1. Social media is such huge media where the reach is enormous so brands can’t take a chance on presenting a pale picture of its image online.
2. Social media is the reach, that a busy customer can easily communicate with the brand be it regarding customer support, queries, product information etc. Not just this social media can be moulded the best way to fine tune with the brands requirement of communicating with its target audience.
3. The credibility is social media, brands can’t make false promises nor they can deny pitfalls from their side.
4. The word of mouth, as I'm happy with the brand ill shout it loud and social media makes it Louder.
So this is my social media story, what's yours?


  1. Good post Kishan..Social media is a great way to keep in touch with the customer's and their ever changing needs and i always say social media is a great tool if you use it in a right way.. Dileep

    keep posting !

  2. yup so true, great things are possible with Social Media.

    Thanks a ton, on visiting the blog.

    kishan :)

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  4. Cool Stuff Mate

    And i Agree with what Dileep said , Social Media Is a great tool ....Vikram

  5. Thanks Manish & vikram on visitim my blog, keep in touch :)