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kishan's Voice: The Rajini power !

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rajini power !

Its not just a typical Rajnikanth signature style joke, Its an another kick-ass flick featuring the dummy god of masses Rajnikanth, Recently a website dedicated to Rajnikanth went viral online as it runs  WITH OUT INTERNET CONNECTION. Yes a website which features end to end Rajnikanth from jokes to pics to his music was designed to run with out any internet support.
When you enter it says, "He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary website". It runs on Rajini Power. The only way to enter this website is by switching off your internet.Also when you try to reconnect the internet connection a warning pops-up and screams Aiyyo that was unexpected to keep browsing, switch off your internet.

a screen shot from

Webchutney an Indian firm based out of New Delhi specialized in digital media marketing, Designed this distinctive website for They( want to do some thing parallel with, not just a super star kind of charisma that Rajni carry's.
Gurubaksh Sing creative director with Webchutney said, We designed an complex algorithm in such a way that the  site will run only when the internet connectivity becomes zero and visitors start enjoying the magic show. This website marvelled millions on digital media and social networking sites in no time. 

"To the grab attention of the online audience, we needed to show them something they've never seen before, and only a Rajini website holds the credibility to do so!".  Amit Garg, business head of said.

In this online era, organisations are in a prowl for better online visibility and brand building through out the digital media space and same is the intention of in launching this campaign. Recently matrimonial services firm launched an online game Angry Brides (a whistle blower against the dowry practice in India) as a part of enhancing their online brand presence.
With more than 200 millions of look-ups on Google every day people search for information online to utilize this organisations provide quality and informative content online about their products & services using blogs, fan pages in social media, Youtube channel etc, thus building brand image and trust among potential and current customers.

Yenna Rascala.....That's the power of Social Media,  MIND IT..!  


  1. Lame way to promote stuffs.
    Rajni will not bother it as he is a perfect gentleman

  2. Ye deepak so true, even the promoters of this website claims that its a salute to rajini and no one else can be a best fit for such funky idea.